New Talents, Feats, and Skills

Biotic Talents

Any character with both the biotic Potential and Biotic Training feats can select one talent from any of the following trees instead of selecting one from a class’s talent tree.

Distortion Talent Tree
Advanced Singularity: As Singularity, except the effect has an increased radius of 5 squares.
Prerequisites: Singularity
Advanced Warp: As Warp, except the target loses DR 2.
Prerequisites: Warp
Master Singularity: As Singularity, except the result of the check needs to equal or exceed 20 to trigger the effect. The effect increases to a radius of 8 squares, and lasts 1d4+2 rounds.
Prerequisites: Advanced Singularity
Master Warp: As Warp, except the target loses DR 5.
Prerequisites: Advanced Warp
Shockwave: You are now able to use the biotic power Shockwave.
Prerequisites: Warp, Singularity
Kinetic Fields Talent Tree
Advanced Barrier: As Barrier, except if the check result equals or exceeds 20 you gain base SR 10 instead of SR 5.
Prerequisites: Barrier
Advanced Stasis: As Stasis, except the target is unable to take actions or be damaged for 1d6 rounds.
Prerequisites: Stasis
Master Barrier: As Barrier, except if the check result equals or exceeds 25 you gain base SR 15 instead of SR 5.
Prerequisites: Advanced Barrier
Master Stasis: As Stasis, except the target is unable to take actions or be damaged for 1d8 rounds.
Prerequisites: Advanced Stasis
Dominate: You are now able to use the biotic power Dominate.
Prerequisites: Barrier, Stasis
Mastery Talent Tree
Biotic Reactions: You have learned to react quickly to danger and use your biotic powers to prevent it. Once per round as a reaction you can choose to use Lift, Stasis, or Throw on any target that has moved into a square adjacent to you during their turn. Doing so doubles the cooldown required before you are able to use the talent again, and you cannot use a talent in this instance if its cooldown period is not over.
Prerequisites: Rapid Power
Biotic Savant: You have exceptional control over your biotic powers and increased prowess because of this control. You can choose to have the results of all die rolls of biotic powers that deal damage or determine the length of an effect doubled at the expense of 1 extra round of cooldown time.
Greater Control: You can use the Move Object power (see SECR, p.98) in the same way as the Move Light Object portion of the Use Biotics skill.
Prerequisites: Biotic Savant
Inexhaustible Concentration: Your immense powers of concentration allow you to use biotic talents more often. You can halve the cooldown period of a biotic talent (rounding up) at the expense of halving the result of any die roll determining the duration of the talent.
Rapid Power: You can create biotic effects quickly. You can choose to use a biotic talent as a move action (instead of a standard action) at the cost of increasing the cooldown period by one round.
Telekinesis Talent Tree
Advanced Lift: As Lift, except the target is lifted off the ground for 1d6 rounds.
Prerequisites: Lift
Advance Throw: As Throw, except the target suffers 3d6 damage and is pushed back 2 squares.
Prerequisites: Throw
Master Lift: As Lift, except the target is lifted off the ground for 1d8 rounds.
Prerequisites: Advanced Lift
Master Throw: As Throw, except the target takes 3d6 damage, is pushed back 2 squares, and is knocked prone.
Prerequisites: Advanced Throw
Slam: You are now able to use the biotic power Slam.
Prerequisites: Lift, Throw
Biotic Specialization Talent Tree
The Biotic Specialization talent tree is available to any person with the Use Biotics skill.
Quick Biotics: Once per encounter, you can regain the use of s ‘spent’ biotic power.
Improved Quick Biotics: Once per encounter, you can regain the use of 2 ‘spent’ biotic powers.
Prerequisites: Quick Biotics, Skill Focus (Use Biotics)
Biotic Resistance: Your knowledge and control of biotics better enables you to resist the biotics of opponents; against Biotic powers you gains a +2 bonus to defenses and opposed rolls.
Improved Biotic Resistance: Few can match the dedication and training you have invested in biotics. Your ability to defend against such powers is impressive; against Biotic powers, you gain a +5 bonus to defenses and opposed rolls.
Prerequisite: Biotic Resistance
Bastion: A master of biotics, you have focused your powers into defense, seeking to protect and aid your allies. Once per encounter you may use the Barrier power and instead grant the bonus it grants to a number of targets (which can include you) equal to your Charisma modifier.
Prerequisites: Any 2 talents from the Biotic Talents trees, Skill Focus (Use Biotics), Stasis, Barrier
Improved Bastion: You have further improved your defensive biotic abilities, allowing for a more controlled immobilization of your enemies. Once per encounter, when you use the Stasis power the target may not take any action, as per normal; however, the target may still be damaged by you or your allies. Only normal attack damage may be dealt to the immobilized target; although unable to take any actions, the target does not count as helpless.
Prerequisites: Bastion
Bastion Specialization: Your control of biotics defense and immobilization in unrivaled. Few can match your ability in this area of biotics, and you are an invaluable bulwark between your enemies and your allies. Bastion Specialization allows you to use the Bastion and Improved Bastion talents twice per encounter.
Prerequisites: Improved Bastion, Heroic level 9th.

New Feats

Shield Surge: You are able to increase the power output of your own shields.
Prerequisite: Tech Specialization feat, Skill Focus (Knowledge: Technology), and Omni-tool
Benefit: If your armor has a SR of 5 or more, increase the shield rating by 5. The shields provided by this feat do not count when determining if your shields fail or not.
Biotic Training
Benefits: You can now train in the skill Use Biotics. You also add to your Biotics suite 1 + your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) biotic powers. You can add the same power more than once.
Special: Can take more than once, and if your Wisdom modifier increases, add a number of Biotics uses equal to the number of times you have taken this feat. Some powers may have prerequisites; you must take those before gaining the indicated power.
Tech Specialization
Benefits: Taking this feat allows you to use Tech mines and Tech powers. Make a Use Computer or Mechanics check to activate a mine or power. As with Biotic Training, you gain access to a number of powers equal to 1 + your Intelligence modifier (minimum 1), and you may take this feat multiple times to gain more powers; each power may only be used once per encounter.
Biotic Implants: Replaces the feat Force Sensitivity.
Adrenaline Burst
Prerequisites: Heroic level 1st, trained in Endurance
Benefit: Once per day, as a swift action, you may choose an ability that has a number of uses per encounter or per day. you regain one spent use of the chosen ability.
Synthetic Fighter
Prerequisites: Heroic level 5th, Adrenaline Burst, Biotic Implants
Benefit: Reroll attacks against synthetics and keep the second result.
Tech Mine Enhancement I
Prerequisites: Tech Specialization, Skill Focus (Use Computer)
Benefit: Increase the explosion area of your Tech Mines by 1 square. (Your mines affect a 3×3 square instead of a 2×2 square area)
Tech Mine Enhancement II
Prerequisites: Tech Mine Enhancement I
Benefit: Change the area of your Tech Mine explosions from a 3×3 area into a cone. You can switch between either shape when setting the mines but doing so is a swift action.

New Skills

Use Biotics
Replace the ‘Use the Force’ skill with Use Biotics, but remove the telepathy, search your feelings, and sense surroundings abilities. Use Biotics is the requirement for using Biotic powers.

New Talents, Feats, and Skills

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