Here will be information on a number of organizations throughout the Mass Effect universe; from mercenary companies to galactic governments, they’ve all got troubles, and they all have an angle.

Blue Suns Mercenary Company

The Blue Suns are a “private security organization”, in reality a mercenary outfit, operating in the Skyllian Verge. The Blue Suns have a reputation for being both discreet and ruthlessly efficient, and as such charge a sizeable fee. They were founded by Zaeed Massani and Vido Santiago.
Believing Zaeed to be dead, Vido hired many Batarians into his ranks, even naming Solem Dal’serah his head of operations, though this act was little more than a PR stunt calculated as a sign of cooperation to placate his Batarian funders, and to draw away fire from potential assassination attempts. It worked on both counts and the partnership lasts to this day.
Over the next decade the Suns grew into a fearsome combat force spanning dozens of planets in citadel space, the verge and the terminus systems. Knowing a good logistical team is key to fielding an army, Vido diversified the Suns interests. Selling arms, training and supplies as well as contracts to crack skulls. Even when the Suns suffered heavy losses, Vido’s entrepreneurial expertise ensured new recruits could be found.
Blue Suns mercenaries often have a tattoo of a blue sun somewhere on their body. During high-risk jobs, the tattoo would be removed with an acid wash to prevent them being identified, then reapplied once the job was finished.
Blue Suns are known to have operations in play in a number of places: a strong presence on Omega in the slums, the maximum security prison-for-hire Purgatory, and something resembling a headquarters on the planet Zorya. They have many smaller operations throughout the galaxy, though.
Eclipse Mercenary Company
Eclipse is a mercenary corporation, providing effective security and firepower for prospective employers. They have few scruples about the nature of those who hire them, so long as they can afford their services. Eclipse mercenaries work in teams of troopers and vanguards which may be led by more experienced commando units. They often utilise mech support in battle.
Eclipse in general seems to favor stealth, discrimination, and “intelligent” ways of conducting battles. They are primarily made up of Asari and Salarians, with a few humans. They have a large number of Vanguards in their employ, and have many tech and biotics-based resources. Eclipse also has many ventures that delve into smuggling; they control nearly 20% of all smuggling on Omega, and specialize in transporting illicit goods and criminals from place to place.
Prospective Eclipse operatives, at least on Illium, are rumored to have to successfully commit a murder before they are given their uniform. This rumor turns out to be quite true in at least one case.
Operatives can be identified by their distinctive yellow armor and the Eclipse logo, a sun crossed in the center by three horizontal bars.
Blood Pack Mercenary Company
Originally a small Terminus Systems Vorcha gang, the Blood Pack was transformed into a mercenary legion by visionary Krogan battlemaster Ganar Wrang. Exiled for striking a female in anger, Wrang obsessed over reclaiming his lost status.
Leading the Vorcha pack as a pirate crew, Wrang cultivated recruits and infamy for a decade before incorporating his fighters as a security company across the Skyllian Verge. His notoriety ensured his initial public offering for investors made him rich beyond most Krogan’s dreams. Wrang returned triumphantly to his clan, rallying elders, Krogan hordes, and their firepower and biotic support toward professional violence in the Terminus Systems.
Banned from Citadel space, the Blood Pack bribes its way through spaceports into armed conflicts across the galaxy. Priding themselves for accepting otherwise untouchable contracts, the Blood Pack rejects bodyguarding and security in favor of cases requiring minimal oversight and maximal violence. Blood Pack appears to be, for the most part, made entirely of Vorcha and Krogan members.
Citadel Security Services (C-Sec)
Citadel Security Services (C-Sec) handles law enforcement on the Citadel. It is a volunteer police service answering to the Citadel Council, and is headed by an Executor who often liases between C-Sec and the Council.
The current Executor is a turian, Venari Pallin, whose office is located within the Presidium Embassies, near the Citadel Tower. The C-Sec Academy itself is located in the Lower Wards, partly due to the crime levels in the area compared to the rest of the station.
Befitting their ‘public service’ culture, it was the Turians who first proposed creating a police force for the Citadel, which may be why more than half of C-Sec’s officers are Turian. Humans appear to form the largest minority, with at least 116 officers in the Zekera ward as of 2185, followed by Salarians and Asari. The 200,000 constables of C-Sec are responsible for maintaining public order in the densely populated Citadel, as well as providing pirate suppression, customs enforcement, and search-and-rescue throughout the Citadel and surrounding space.
‘Cerberus’ is the codename for a black ops organization that was formerly part of the Alliance military, but which has now gone rogue. They have also been described as a pro-humanity terrorist or paramilitary group, due to their activities.
Their core belief is that humans deserve a greater role in the galactic community, and that the Alliance is too hamstrung by law and public opinion to stand up effectively to the Citadel races. Any methods of advancing humanity’s ascension are justified, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination. Cerberus operatives accept that these methods are brutal, but believe history will vindicate them.


Corporations are important entities in the galaxy, funding research and development, new colonies, and expeditions to unknown regions of space looking for resources or salvage. Many corporations sign exclusive contracts with alien governments, so their armed forces often use only one brand of weapons, armor or omni-tools, whereas mercenaries or bounty hunters use equipment from a variety of sources.

  • Aldrin Labs: A human manufacturer based on the Luna colony. Providing basic, reliable equipment at an affordable cost has made them a primary supplier of armor, omni-tools and bio-amps to the Systems Alliance military. Aldrin Labs also manufactures the hand-held stunners that are mandatory for all Ascension Project staff to carry.
  • Ariake Technologies: An Earth-based electronics concern, Ariake Tech is best known for their high grade omni-tools. Recently they have branched out to develop a line of high grade armor with an enhanced ablative weave to provide extra protection. Ariake Technologies manufactures Mercenary Armor for humans, Krogan, and Turians.
  • Armali Council: The Armali Council is an affiliation of Asari manufacturing guilds recognized for maintaining consistent standards of excellence. Armali make high-grade omni-tools and their bio-amps are widely recognized as the finest money can buy, though these are only available to a select list of clients.
  • Armax Arsenal: The main supplier of elite Turian military units, Armax Arsenal weapons and armor are high quality, high priced and very difficult to acquire for most non-Turians. They also make a basic grade omni-tool which is available to the general public. Armax Arsenal produces Predator L/M/H Armor.
  • Batarian State Arms: The Batarian government does not trust private industry to create their military hardware. BSA is a vast nationalized institution infamous for its waste and corruption. It produces effective, if unethical, chemical weapons and a line of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological (NBC) protective armor.
  • Binary Helix: Binary Helix (BH) is a leader in the fields of genetic engineering and biotechnology. They currently have a significant presence on Noveria, which provides them security from Luddites, organic base-liners, and fundamentalist groups who are opposed to their work. They also do some research in the field of biotic implants. The Nautilus Facility beneath the ice sheet of Europa in the Sol system is owned and operated by Binary Helix.
  • Cord-Hislop Aerospace: A well-respected corporation known for manufacturing and selling starships. Their corporate headquarters is on Earth.
  • Devlon Industries: Devlon Industries is best known for producing basic armor models that can withstand a variety of environmental extremes such as cold, heat or toxic exposure. They also market a complete line of military grade weapons. Devlon Industries produces the following armors: Explorer Armor, Liberator Armor, and Survivor Armor.
  • Elanus Risk Control Services: A private security corporation that provides a host of services ranging from simple event security to professional mercenary companies and starships to counter piracy. ERCS began as a privately-owned Turian security firm but has since expanded into an interstellar conglomerate after opening itself up to foreign investment. Their affordable yet reliable armor, weapons and omni-tools are popular with security personnel and mercenaries. Their name suggests they may specialize in riot equipment or dangerous situations. ERCS produces the following armors for humans, Krogan, and Turians: Duelist Armor and Guardian Armor. Duelist Armor can be modified for Quarian use. An exclusive line of armor, the Warlord Armor, is manufactured for use by Krogans.
  • Elkoss Combine: A Volus manufacturer based in the Terminus Systems, the Elkoss Combine produces less expensive versions of items carried by high-end manufacturers. Functional yet affordable armor, weapons and omni-tools are all available from the Elkoss Combine. Elkoss Combine produces Assassin Armor and Gladiator Armor for humans and Turians.
  • Exo-Geni Corporation: ExoGeni Corporation has funded the establishment of several human colonies to promote exploration. ExoGeni has incidentally secured resource rights to worlds that may have undiscovered resources or remnants of alien technology, such as their newest colony on Feros.
  • Haliat Armory: One of the smaller Turian weapons manufacturers, Haliat Armory was given permission by the Hierarchy to sell excess units on the galactic market. Rather than trying to compete with high end manufacturers, Haliat specializes in a line of basic level weapons. Regardless, their weapons are of high quality and have high stats.
  • Hahne-Kedar: Reliable and efficient, Earth-based Hahne-Kedar has become a major supplier to the Systems Alliance military. Their weapons are stock quality at best, though their armor lines are generally recognized as above average. Hahne-Kedar produces the following armors for humans, Krogans, and Turians: Mantis Armor, Predator Armor, Scorpion Armor, and Ursa Armor. A fifth armor line, the Silverback Armor, is manufactured for the exclusive use of the Turians.
  • Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works: Founded a decade ago, this Hahne-Kedar subsidiary is a place for younger employees to “think outside the box”. HKSW supplies weapons and armor to Alliance special forces units. In keeping with the parent company’s philosophy, products are rugged, reliable, and require less maintenance than competitors.
  • Jormangund Technology: A rising star of post-contact human industry, Jormangund returns consistent profits through aggressive integration of alien technologies. Mainly known for advanced optical computers and AI “blueboxes”, the company has recently developed a “micro gravitic” personal weapon that effectively fires small disruptor torpedoes.
  • Kassa Fabrication: A human-controlled private company, Kassa Fabrication is known to make the some of the finest body armor in the galaxy (Colossus Armor). When it comes to personal protection suits, no expense is spared – as reflected in the exorbitant cost of their products. Kassa also makes top quality weapons such as the advanced Harpoon Sniper Rifle. Recently, Kassa has also begun to manufacture omni-tools, though it will be some time until the quality is brought up to the high standards of their armor lines.
  • Noveria Development Corporation: The Noveria Development Corporation (NDC) is a holding company that claimed the planet Noveria with the combined capital of two dozen major high-technology companies (likely including Binary Helix, Elanus Risk Control Services and Synthetic Insights). Because of the NDC’s ownership, Noveria is a privately-chartered colony without input from any Citadel race’s government, and therefore is not legally part of Citadel space.
  • Serrice Council: An asari consortium, the Serrice Council is the creator of the most powerful bio-amp on the market. Not just concerned with profit, they typically make customers undergo a rigorous screening process before being approved to purchase their products. Serrice Council amps are incredibly rare – and highly prized – items on the galactic market. The Serrice Council manufactures the highest quality omni-tools and bio-amps, with their Phantom Armor featuring the best biotic / tech protection available.
  • Sirta Foundation: A biomedical firm, Sirta made its fortune eliminating several genetic diseases endemic to human populations. Sirta also created medi-gel, which, while technically illegal under Council law, is far too useful to ban. The Foundation is renowned for its humanitarian efforts, and refuses to produce weapons or similar “offensive” products. They do, however, offer basic protective or utilitarian items ranging from armor – including Phoenix Armor – to omni-tools to bio-amps.
  • Synthetic Insights, Ltd: Synthetic Insights, Ltd. is one of only four corporations licensed by the Citadel Council to develop artificial intelligence. They have extensive holdings on Noveria, where tight security allows them to work without harassment from politically hostile organizations; therefore they invest heavily there.

Criminal Organizations

Criminals are everywhere; it is the price of doing business on a galactic level. Some criminal groups or individuals rise to a level of intergalactic notoriety, and it is these figures who are often not averse to finding help from outside sources.

  • Aria T’Loak is the Asari de facto ruler of Omega. She bears a symbol on the back of her clothing that can be seen across the station. Aria had a colorful past prior to her arrival at Omega. When she did arrive on the station, she played the role of a Maiden Asari, working as an exotic dancer at the Afterlife Club. This was merely a clever cover for Aria, however, as she turned out to be a powerful Matriarch, much to everyone’s surprise. She formed alliances before finally overthrowing the ruler of Omega: the Krogan she deposed, whom she derisively named Patriarch, was spared as an example of her power to others.
  • Shadow Broker: The Shadow Broker is an individual or organization which trades in information, always selling to the highest bidder. The Shadow Broker appears to be highly competent at its trade: all secrets that are bought and sold never allow one customer of the Broker to gain a significant advantage, forcing the customers to continue trading information to avoid becoming disadvantaged, allowing the Broker to remain in business. The Shadow Broker’s identity is unknown, since the Broker always operates through an agent.


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