This is an attempt to get some information on playing Mass Effect with the Star Wars Saga Edition ruleset online in a collected area. I’ll be making liberal use of information from the Mass Effect wiki, as well as a document on converting Mass Effect to the Saga edition rules helpfully compiled by a number of posters from the Wizards of the Coast forums.

Thanks to Bioware, Wizards of the Coast, Microsoft, and Lucasfilm for the general ideas, and to WotC forum users dbgoldberg323, gigerstreak, Calamity916, JasonRR, NatanaX, EightImmortals, Toryn Cross, thecommabandit, jonstryder, Thanan, and Saurstalk. No challenge to status is intended; I’m just trying to collect everything in a single spot for easy use by me and my group.

Here’s what I have so far:

Cerberus Daily News, daily news from the Mass Effect universe

Rules Changes

New Races

New Talents, Feats, and Skills

The Adept Class

Biotic Powers

Tech Powers

New Equipment

Vehicles and Starships


Design Space

Mass Effect: Horizon Storm